The Shaftesbury 3266

This long-necked Italian beauty is an absolute pleasure to lay your hands on. Like the 3265, she was manufactured by EKO in the early 70’s for Rose Morris and has a distinct cosmetic elegance that transcends all mockery of the obvious tele inspiration.

The neck is very long and thin as most electric basses were throughout the sixties and early 70’s. This feature coaxes a specific walking style out of the player, as it is very easy to cram more notes into a phrase. There is a definite “less is more” aesthetic to this instrument and features just one pickup, volume and tone control just like a Rock n’ Roll machine should.

Set it and forget it.

4 thoughts on “The Shaftesbury 3266

  1. I picked up a 3266 a couple of weeks ago, in pretty great shape for a 40+ year old instrument. Just needed a rewire as somewhere along the way it’d already been “repaired” and the tone control was no longer working. New strings, a set up and it almost plays itself. And you’re not kidding about that wonderful slender neck! A really cool bass and it’s great to have it join my 3265 guitar from the same period.

  2. Hello there!
    I’m thinking on buy one 3362, looks very cool and classic. I really want it only to jam at home…but maybe in the future will fit into some retro-style-rock band, who knows 🙂
    Well, I’m wondering about the neck/body materials, I can’t find anything about, maybe you can help me.

    Anyways, I’ll welcome that 3362, just curious.

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