John Grey & Sons Archtop

This beautiful and very rare archtop acoustic has been brought to our attention by it’s owner, Bart Phillipe.Image

Stamped with the makers mark ‘John Grey and Sons’, and the serial number 6240, this jazz master has been lovingly restored and by all accounts, sounds amazing!
John Grey and Sons was established in 1832 and became known for high-quality banjos, guitars and drums.  It was bought by Rose Morris in 1928.
I think you’ll agree, Bart has done a great job in restoring it to it’s former glory.
Thanks Bart!

One thought on “John Grey & Sons Archtop

  1. Hi there I was wondering if you could help me ??
    I’ve just bought a Shaftesbury Bass 4001 (Ricky Copy) and wanted to know where I can purchase a Truss Rod Cover ??
    Your help would be greatly appreciated.
    Many thanx.

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