Electric Guitars

The new Shaftesbury instruments look and sound the business. These are true to our heritage while adding modern upgrades and supreme playability. Top shelf components and hand-wired electronics assembled in house by our people. Each guitar comes with a beautiful Shaftesbury tweed case to complete the total package. Right out of the case you are ready to play live with our no mods necessary approach. These road-ready tools are equipped to sound and look amazing on-stage night after night.

Fit and Finished

All of our Shaftesbury Electrics are made from solid alder, mahogany and maple for superior sustain and resonance. On our transparent finished guitars a quick look reveals the beautiful woodgrain swimming below the gloss surface.

Top Shelf Components

Shaftesbury guitars do not need to be modified to sound great. As musicians we know that when a guitar player gets a new electric, good pick-ups and hardware are essential. Seymour Duncan pick-ups and Gotoh tuners are standard on all Shaftesbury electrics.


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